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Sample Menu, just a little idea of what we can do....


Fennel Sausage, panna and spring onion

Home-made fennel sausage with fragrant scallions on a cream base and mozzarella.



Ribbons of courgette, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella.



With mozzarella, finely sliced red onion and rocket


Chestnut mushrooms and mozzarella with fresh thyme and truffle oil



Mozzarella, a tomato base and with fresh basil


Butternut squash and Rosemary

Mozzarella, a tomato base and fragrant rosemary and garlic oil


Ham, pineapple and jalapeno

On a tomato base with mozzarella and a little heat from the jalapeno


Spicy sausage with pepperoni and sweet peppadew peppers.


With sweet red onion chuteny



 Lemon curd, basil and crème fraiche

Inspired by the Amalfi coast, lemon curd with basil and a little crème fraîche  

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