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Please see our allergens list below. Please ask a chef if unsure

Dear customers we are committed to keeping you safe when ordering your food. Please see below our allergy information. Please speak to our chefs if you’re unsure on an ingredient and they will be happy to check jars and package information to keep you safe. Please do not order if you are not 100% certain.

DOUGH: In our pizzas you will find: Gluten in all of our regular pizza doughs, flour, wheatgerm, dark rye flour, salt, yeast and honey. NOTE MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF SOY, WHEAT AND BARLEY.

Gluten free and Vegan: Although we offer vegan and gluten free options please inform the customer that we cannot guarantee there will be no cross contamination as it’s a small space and all the food is cooked in the same oven so flour can contaminate a gluten free dough and regular cheese could end up on a vegan cheese pizza. Note, our pizza is defiantly not suitable for people with coeliac as there is too much flour being used in a small work space.

Fish- crustaceans, molluscs etc: We sometimes have anchovy and prawns onboard. If someone has a severe allergy to fish/ molluscs etc please check the menu to make sure we don’t have anything on board that could cross contaminate their food, if there is we cannot serve the customer.


Eggs: There is no eggs in our dough, please check bottles of toppings for ingredients in case there is any egg in any of them. Our lemon curd contains EGG. Also our Aioli dips contain egg.


Milk: In our mozzarella, percorino, parmesan, camembert- all of our cheese- unless it’s a vegan cheese. Again though as it’s a small oven we cannot guarantee no regular cheese wouldn’t end up on your pizza.

Peanuts: We can NEVER guarantee our pizzas to be free of nuts as we occasionally use them along with Nutella chocolate spread. And because all pizzas are cooked in the same oven we cannot guarantee zero contamination.


Mustard: Nothing in our doughs etc, but our aioli dips contain mustard.


Sesame: Nothing in our doughs etc, but check bottles of toppings to see if its in the ingredients list.


Sulphur dioxide and sulphates you will find in our cured meats. Please check the packets for parts per million.

Dairy: Mozzarella, camembert and pecorino are regularly used on board. Please note if you ask for vegan cheese we cannot guarantee zero contamination on your pizza.

Cereals: Our dough contains white flour, wheatgerm and dark rye.


Sesame seeds Although not on board often we cannot guarantee zero contamination from our prep kitchen.

Lupin: Occasionally used in our prep kitchen so contamination is possible.


Nutella: Hazelnuts  and milk


Biscoff – Wheat, SOYA


Lemon curd- EGG

Be free Gluten free bases contain MUSTARD 


Our Brownies: DAIRY, EGG,  MILK

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